Stary browar



is a place where we can find a unique atmosphere
which comes from the combination of modernity and
historical legacy of this exceptional place. Apart from
a modern shopping centre, there is a hotel, a restaurant,
a pub and a pizzeria where we guarantee you perfect
leisure and delicious cuisine combined with the tasting
of aromatic beer which is brewed in our brewery.

Widok na Stary Browar Kościerzyna
Widok na Stary Browar Kościerzyna
Widok Browaru w Starym Browarze Kościerzyna


Old Brewery Kościerzyna 
has come back to life.

- A modern pub where we brew Kościerzyna's beer;
Kościerzyna's beer
- 3***hotel which combines the style of 
Old Brewery and a new design
- A restaurant with Kashubian and Polish cuisine
- A pizzeria with a stove heated with wood
- A shopping centre

We cordially invite you to our Brewery.


An investor begins preparatory work to build
a modern Brewery, retaining the original style.


Unique objects which document the history of the
Brewery are discovered during archaeological work.


The Brewery officially ends its activity.


Old Brewery Kościerzyna is changed into a bottling
plant of carbonated waters, and then into a mead plant.


złote lata browaru

The heyday of Kościerzyna's Brewery falls on the
interwar years. It increases its production of beer
from two to several kinds. Koźlak, Pełne Jasne
(Lager beer) and Słodowe Pasteryzowane (malt,
pasteurized beer) reign. The Brewery has also
its branches- bottling plants in Kartuzy, Sierakowice,
Gdynia and Gdańsk. Kościerzyna's beer is appreciated
not only by the local customers but also by the
owners of a ship.


Light Kościerzyna's beer 'Śmietanka'
and dark, caramel beer 'Dubeltowe'
is created in the Brewery. The beer is
put into special bottles which are
brought from the south of Poland.
Meanwhile, in the northern part of
our country, in villages near Kościerzyna,
printing houses make labels for bottled beer.
Distribution of the beer beverage
costs 0,20 PLN and covers the whole Pomerania.


Wilhelm Brendel becomes the owner
of a part of the Brew which he bought
from Abraham Berent.


Abraham Berent
acts the most dynamically among the owners.


The Brewery has a fermentation and maturation cellar.
The buildings of the Brewery are situated on both
sides of a street. In the southern part, at Słodowa street,
there is a granary, a coach house and the owner's house.
A malting plant has a characteristic 16-meter chimney
with a steel angel on the top of the chimney.

From the northern side, at Miodwa street, Old Brewery
has a boiler house, a beerpress with a warehouse and
the ice warehouse. The ice is mainly acquired from the
nearby Kapliczne Lake.

At the top of Kościerzyna's Brewery, a master of the
brewing industry lives and creates, on the basis of a
German recipe, his own unique recipe for brewing beer.
On the ground floor, in the malting plant, aromatic beer
is produced in big copper vats. It's believed that excellent
Kościerzyna's water is the secret of the beer's flavour.
After all, Kościerzyna is famous for the richness of
spring waters. Kościerzyna is said to be
a 'city built on water'.


Carl Teodor Hanff becomes the owner of
Berenter Bierbrauerei- today's Old Brewery Kościerzyna.


Today's Old Brewery's district are took over
by a brewer Carl Klabunde.


Kościerzyna falls victim to a fire which
destroys the land on which the buildings
of the Old Brewery stand today.

17th century

In the monastery in Kartuzy, the monks rule
not one but as many as five breweries:
in Stary Grabów near Kościerzyna,
in Bielaków near Gdańsk,
in Przejazdów and on Grabówek.

16th century

The production of beer in Kościerzyna
is for personal use only.